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You Have a Risk Based Payer Contract So Now What? 


For decades health care provider networks have entered into a variety of at risk payer participation agreements that reward and/or penalize providers for agreed upon performance improvement.  The ability to align financial incentives between provider and payer have been important in enhancing quality and lowering cost of care.  But often times provider systems need to create new ways of doing business and organizing themselves to be effective in these new payment models.  Do you have the right clarity around what you are trying to achieve per the contract terms and have these been socialized with network providers? Do you have new ways for how you will create structures/processes/competencies/evaluation methods to ensure you are maximizing contact performance?  Blaze Advisors will share case studies that describe best practices in working with our clients and the lessons learned. 


Building your High-Performance Network (HPN)

Resource and performance criteria are needed to consider how you will expand into a high value specialist network including Post-Acute Care and Behavioral Health.  Blaze Advisors will review the evolution of high value specialty networks in concordance with population needs and how to leverage the unique care coordination resources available within specialty systems of care.  Additionally, Blaze Advisors will review key performance indicators (KPIs) within the context of case studies that provide intelligence on care trajectory and risk.


Care Management with an ROI

Blaze Advisors will walk through the criteria and process to design a care management model that is both effective and efficient.  Discussions will include assessment of required resources, roles, responsibilities, and pitfalls that create “non-productive” CM activities, the use of high touch interventions vs. call centers and navigators, and the importance of effective use of risk stratification and modifiable factors in targeting the “impactable” patient.


Patient Engagement Technologies


Passive wearables, connected devices, and community engagement technologies can provide “white space” surveillance of high risk patient behavior, compliance, and sentinel events as well as retention of healthier members and supporting a broad quality “lift” in performance.  This data can inform risk profiling to alert both paid and non-paid caregivers that an intervention may be needed, decreasing dependence on expensive clinical and care management resources.


Leveraging CIN tools to automate MIPS reporting and drive quality improvement 

Blaze Advisors will walk through MACRA requirements and eligibility and look at key reporting hot spots which can be labor intensive.  Blaze Advisors will review general CIN tool capabilities and limitations and discuss how practices can optimize their measured results. 


Data Driven Decision Making and Operations 


Blaze Advisors will discuss and provide case studies on how best to leverage reports, set goals through best practices with internal and external benchmarks and maximize the use of BI tools within your organization to create a “data-driven action” without drowning you in data noise and distraction.     Discussion will include the placement of data insights within the organizational chart and process improvement examples.

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