A Year Full of Gratitude

December 28, 2017

It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of 2017.  The holiday season is always a great time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and reflect on all that has been done.  Certainly there is still much to do, but our passion to improve health care will allow our team to work diligently in the new year and continue the work we've started.  We push ourselves hard and we do the same with our clients and partners.  Why?  Because we are believers in our abilities to make a positive impact upon the many flaws in the “system”, or lack thereof.


With so much uncertainty about the strategic direction health care reform is moving in, and challenges all around about health care transforming at too slow a pace in regards to smarter spending, better care and improved health of the population, the Blaze team has chosen to stay the course and make an impact by working with clients who also have the drive to keep pushing forward.  It is because of our combined efforts that I am grateful to call heath care my vocation.  We simply cannot give up. We must keep taking actions that move us towards a true system of health that works better for patients, views health holistically, and shifts the focus more towards prevention, education and wellness so that all of us are able to make better choices about managing our own health.   


Because we believe we can make a difference, we share our feelings of gratitude with all we connect with.  We choose to be grateful for what we have, show appreciation to those who help and want to be part of our efforts, and return kindness at every turn.  How have I seen this play out day to day?  Mike and I were heading to a meeting recently when he saw a head on collision on the opposite side of the road.  He immediately pulled his car into the median and went to the site of the accident despite knowing he would be late for the client.   This summer, Marya took me to her parent’s church where we spent some time before a meeting talking to the folks in a respite program for elderly.  We took away great insights as to how these types of settings augment the lives and health of people they serve.


Gratitude is a deep emotion that allows us to stay centered, to form strong relationships, increases our productivity …. And, oh yes, leads to better health. Our wish to all of you is a new year full of good health and gratitude! Thanks for being interested in our work where we strive to Save Lives: One Population at a Time. 




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